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Orland Karate is a charted dojo of the All Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo Federation. Renshi Stan Leach is the head instructor and owner, commissioned under Hanshi John Shipes (U.S. federation director) and Kaicho Isao Kise. 

We teach self-defense for the real world, based on principles of discipline, honor, and mutual respect. Classes are available for learning: karate (open hand), kobudo (weapons), tuite-jitsu (joint locks), and self-defense.


Orland Karate dojo is proud to have qualified and certified instructors. Click below for full bio's of all instructors at OKD.

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What We Teach


The word karate literally means open hand. We teach traditional Okinawan karate, a form of martial arts that that originated from a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and native Okinawan styles. Students learn 

  • Combative basics (kicking, punching, etc.)
  • Kata (choreographed moves)
  • Ippon kumite (one-step karate moves with a partner)
  • Controlled sparring (green belt and above only)


Kobudo is the Japanese word for weapons. During the 1600’s Okinawa became occupied by Japan and traditional weapons were banned. Okinawans were forced to use open hand techniques and unconventional weapons, such as farming tools to defend themselves. The use of unconventional weapons still has useful modern day applications in environments where weapons are prohibited or otherwise unavailable.



Commonly referred to as tuite, this is the art of joint locks/manipulation. Tuite can be used for submission holds or as a move leading into a throw or take-down. Tuite is quite useful for diffusing aggressive or potentially violent situations, and can be an effective means of self-defense against larger/stronger opponents.